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    After years of research with a multidisciplinary R&D team, we have developed Fruta Pura with the intention of offering a healthy, delicious, and convenient snack for the whole family.

    Who said snacking couldn't be healthy? Fruta Pura consists of 96% FRUIT. It contains no colorants, preservatives, or added sugars and is the easiest and most enjoyable way to consume fruit daily.

    Fruta Pura proves that eating healthily and deliciously is possible anytime, anywhere. Fruta Pura goes with you everywhere.

    Who we are?

    Our Factory is located in Huelva and we offer a locally sourced product.The fruit bites are manufacture with carefully selected fruit to obtain a complete snack that preserves all the qualities of the fruit.

    Fruta Pura is an Andalusian company that has collaboration agreements with the University of Huelva and the University of Córdoba, as well as the IMIBIC Research Center in Córdoba and various functional food companies.

    About us


    Functional Biofruit is born

    With the aim of developing a healthy, tasty product whose main ingredient is fruit.

    Launch of Fruta PURA BIO Range

    We introduce a line of organic products enriched with functional components of natural origin.

    Nationwide Presence in Carrefour Spain

    Sales of Fruta PURA commence exclusively in all Carrefour hypermarkets across Spain for one year.

    Market Prospecting in Spanish Pharmacy Channel.

    - December

    Pilot sales begin in 50 Spanish pharmacies located in Andalusia, Extremadura, Madrid, and Asturias.

    Launch of the Conventional Fruta Pura Range

    - July

    We develop and refine the current non-functional range suitable for every person.

    Cobranding with the Spanish National Football Team.

    - December

    Cobranding is established with the Spanish National Football Team under the "El Gourmet de la Roja" , marking the first introduction to the market through Logista.

    About us


    FrutaPURA is another way to eat FRUIT, so it does not have a recommended maximum dose. You can eat as many bites as you want and whenever you want. Always in moderation, whenever you feel like it!

    FrutaPURA doesn´t have preservatives and doesn´t need it for it conservation, this is because the process of manufacturing is with temperatures between 80 and 105 degrees avoiding bacteria’s, guaranteeing its durability and the maintenance of its properties

    FrutaPURA allows you to take all advantages and benefits of conventional fruit but in a faster and more easy way. You don’t have to peel it, it doesn't weight too much, it doesn't stain, and you can take it everywhere. It's a healthy snack perfect for all your plans!

    The frutaPURA bites are the perfect snack for the whole family. They can be enjoyed by children from 3 years old and are also suitable for pregnant women. A healthy and delicious snack to enjoy with the whole family.

    The Nutri-Score logo shows the nutritional quality of food products with grades ranging from A to E associated with a color code. Nutri-Score classifies products based on whether they are more or less healthy, making it very useful when choosing any food product. 

    FrutaPURA has a Nutri-Score labeling of A, which means it has the highest rating in the classification.

    The term 'local product' or 'zero-kilometer product' refers to seasonal products that are grown or produced near the place where they are sold.