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    frutaPURA with El Gourmet de la Roja

    Fruta PURA con la ROJA

    We are celebrating! Our women's national team has won the World Cup, inaugurating in style the Spanish women's football trophy cabinet.

    At fruta PURA we are excited to be part of this exciting project El Gourmet de la Roja and to belong to the national flavour selection.

    The Spanish team beat England in the final of the world championship held in Australia last weekend. Since then, the country has thrown itself behind our warriors to celebrate this milestone that is now part of the history of the sport.


    FrutaPURA: fun, tasty and healthy

    The best names in Spanish gastronomy come together in El Gourmet de la Roja. Fruta PURA is the healthy snack that accompanies our selection. It contains more than 96% natural fruit and exceptional nutritional characteristics. It contains no added sugar, preservatives, colourings, gluten or lactose, preserving the flavour, texture, fibre and all the benefits of fruit.

    Who said snacking between meals couldn't be healthy? Fruta PURA proves that eating healthy and tasty food is possible anywhere and at any time. Fruta Pura goes everywhere with you.

    Proud of our world championship and of being one of the flavours of the national team.

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