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    Pack 12 blueberries

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    Ar谩ndano Ar谩ndano Ar谩ndano Ar谩ndano Ar谩ndano paquete

    Tasty and healthy snack

    If you're already hooked on the incredible taste of frutaPURA and love its versatility, now you can save with our 12-packs of frutaPURA.

    With frutaPURA you can eat fruit whenever and wherever you want, no excuses!

    These cubes are made up of more than 98% fruit and are an all-rounder: for the whole family, for snacking between meals or to add to your recipes - the choice is yours! 40 grams of Pure Fruit contain 200 grams of natural fruit.

    No added sugar, no colourings, no preservatives. With an incredible blueberry flavour and a practical format that allows you to take it everywhere you go.

    Fun, tasty and healthy!

    From 3 years old

    • VeganoVegan
    • sin colorantesNo colorants
    • Sin conservantesSin conservantes
    • Apto para embarazadasApto para embarazadas
    frutapura ar谩ndano
    hoja hoja hoja hoja


    • Pulpa y concentrado de Manzana (73,69%)
    • Ar谩ndano (22,48%)
    • Gelificante: Pectina de fruta
    • Corrector de acidez: 脕cido c铆trico
    • Aromas Naturales
    • Antiaglomerante: Cera de Carnauba
    32 gramos de fruta pura equivalen a 160 gramos de fruta real
    Ar谩ndano Ar谩ndano Ar谩ndano Ar谩ndano Ar谩ndano paquete

    Nutritional Information

    Per 100g:

    • Energy value: 968,9kJ/231,8 kcal
    • Fat (g): < 0,50
    • Of which saturated: < 0,10
    • Carbohydrates (g): 55,79
    • Of which sugars (g)*: 47,4
    • Protein (g): 2,16
    • Salt (g): < 0,01
    nutriscore a
    Manzana Manzana Manzana Manzana Manzana paquete